April 8 & 9
Class Description

Jewelry in its essence can be defined as the act of attaching precious objects to the human body. Jewelry in this equation poses two problems, the definition of a precious object, and the means utilized in order to fix said object to the body. We as jewelers hold the solution to this set of problems. Within tradition is a set of rules, within contemporary culture certain expectations, but within the artist is a wealth of possibilities and creative interpretations that allow for personal expression. We define what is precious. We choose how to attach it to the body.

This is a two day workshop on the concept of affixing objects starting from simple solutions. Students will be guided through a series of exercises that lead toward minimal, sophisticated solutions themed around new ways of thinking about jewelry, stone setting, and self expression. The focus of this workshop is to refine simple techniques and gestures in order to create innovative new solutions to the fundamental equation of jewelry.

Students will be asked to evaluate what objects they find personally valuable in relation to the tradition of jewelry. Students will be given “problems” that need to be solved in terms of craftsmanship, technique, function, and wearability. Each student will be tutored on an a series of investigations that will ultimately lead to a more involved final exercise.

Rather than reaching a definitive conclusion “NON0SUM” seeks to provide new tools and modes of thinking in terms of jewelry. Exercises within the two day time period will focus on new thinking in terms of stone settings, refining aesthetics, and minimal approach to formal design. By the end of this two day workshop students will not only have a physical project but also the tools in order to expand and develop the concepts covered in “NON0SUM”.
The work of Adam Grinovich utilizes basic technique accumulated into ambitious expressions. “NON0SUM” applies this same mentality to guiding students on an individual level towards their own discoveries with non-traditional stone settings. Functionality, technique, and craft will be addressed as well as experimentation and innovation, ultimately converging on a final expressive works.

Taught by Adam Grinovich
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