Mette-Saabye-Flyer_web“Condenser is a series of one-off rings pretending to serve an alternative

functional purpose. The jewellery explores the meaning of function in general,

and specifically in relation to jewellery and tools. The jewellery is made to

resemble tools and is visually perceived as such, but essentially, it is

simply jewellery. The form expression has references to funnels, drinking

bowls, cups, handles and bowls for collecting dew or liquids in connection

with condensation etc.

Danish wood types are used in the design. The point is to demonstrate that

jewellery can be much more than anonymous classics in gold with diamonds, and

that the jewellery we choose to wear expresses who we are and how we want to

be perceived.”

                                                                                     -Mette Saaybe

In her work, Mette Saabye attempts to explore and define the meaning and

function of jewellery. One of the fundamental premises of jewellery is

function, but how should this be understood, and can it be defined more


She asks questions and challenges common perceptions of jewellery by examining

its wide range of possible applications and various forms of inherent value.

Her jewellery can be illusory, carry memories and recollections and hold

material value and multiple functions. In addition, the jewellery also serves

as a means of interpersonal communication.

Characteristically, Mette Saabye always operates with multiple layers of

meaning. The content determines both her idiom and her choice of materials.

Mette Saabye finds it interesting to combine natural and imitated materials

and to process them to enter into a logical context. She finds inspiration in

her close surroundings and in art and science.