Skull Sessions

Skull Sessions are a varying, re-occurring discussion format created by Brooklyn Metal Works to consider specific ideas within the contemporary jewelry field and, more importantly, create community.


All are welcome. Voicing your ideas and actively listening are equally important.

If you have an article to share or a topic idea for the next Skull Session please email us!


Past meetings:


Skull Session VIII

  • NYCJW Edition of Skull Sessions 

In the NYCJW Edition of Skull Sessions we invite you to join a local and national group of jewelers, educators, curators, writers, and gallerists to ponder, curse, shout for joy, and push each other to investigate the hurdles and hidden provocateurs in and outside of the jewelry field.  Explore and create community while discussing topics such as the role of collaboration in your art practice, creating craft community, and the need for interdisciplinary criticality and guerrilla actions. As always, we aim to push each other to engage in a broader conversation about our work.


Skull Session VII

How Much? is the first in a series of curatorial projects unpacking the perception of value and its relationship to craft practice. The panel and exhibition will be accompanied by an interactive online catalog which can be found at


Skull Session VI 

This exhibition was on view at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery and curated by Damian Skinner and Monica Gaspar.

Skull Session V


Skull Session IV

Discussed the 5 part series on criticality recently published by Art Jewelry Forum.

Skull Session III  

  • Held at Pratt Institute on October 1st for an Edit-a-thon dedicated to making American jewelry more visible on Wikipedia. This event was held in conjunction with AJF.

Skull Session II

  • Hot Glue and Staples by Bruce Metcalf
  • The Meaning of Clay at the Whitney Biennial by Sarah Archer

 Skull Session I

  • Identity Crisis: An Essay about the Current State of Art Jewellery and the Future of it by Ezra Satok-Wolman


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