Summer time is the perfect time to fall in love with something new. Give yourself the chance to take a different approach, work in a new material, or rekindle an old technique.  We have a few short and sweet flings sure to get your creative heart pumping.

5 Week Sessions:20140514_112237 (3)

Organic Wax: Working with soft waxes such as sheet wax, wire wax, and sculpture waxes allows you to create forms not easily reproducible in metal.  
Begins June 11th
Taught by Erin S. Daily
Soldering Intensive:  Fully develop your understanding  of how solder behaves,  how it flows, how to control heating, and how to troubleshoot problems before they arise. 
Begins June 12th
Taught by Brian Weissman
Geometric Metal: Lightweight volumes can be easily attained through working with thin gauged sheet metal.  Scoring and bending can give your forms a crisp structure that is quick to execute.
Begins June 16th
Taught by Erin S. Daily