Please join us November 7th at 7pm for an opening reception of Landscape: Absence is Present featuring new works by Brooklyn artist Sayumi Yokouchi.

The exhibition will be on view through November 30th.

An artist talk with Sayumi will take place in the gallery on November 22nd at 3pm.

All events are open to the public, please join us for this special exhibition.

Sayumi’s recents work deals with finding a unique balance between real and artificial beauty. Influenced by her urban Japanese upbringing where man-made constructed nature was prevalent, this body of work explores “natural” as a theme both conceptually and physically.

Working with white thermoplastic Sayumi creates pieces that appear delicate to handle but are physically quite strong. Sayumi elevates the plastic out of its original utilitarian context and extends  its functionality as a non-traditional jewelry material.

From the artist:

“My five senses are a great part of my process. I find comfort in the excitement that comes when all my senses are connected with the objects I am making, and wish to share these same feelings with others through my objects.

Only through making do I become more aware of the material and my ability to connect with it. By this point in the process, the original form is nearly unrecognizable. I prefer to isolate the material I work with to seek a balance between unexpected natural beauty and artificial beauty. This isolation is not about less, but sometime less is more meaningful. Simplicity becomes a strategic tool for the process of making to comfort my own intrinsic complexities. “

Sayumi Yokouchi