Co:Operation Garnish Flyer

Please join us February 6th at 7pm for an opening reception of Co:Operation Garnish curated by Brigitte Martin + Rachel Timmins.

All events are open to the public, please join us for this special traveling exhibition.

A garnish can be anything from an adornment that adds or enhances the body (human or animal) to a functional or nonfunctional object that decorates and spices up a room. This exhibition will ask viewers and participants to examine the idea of a garnish made by two different subsets of makers who have come together to create an embellishment that satisfies both.

“A modern metalsmith/metal artist can be found working in traditional metals as well as in nontraditional materials. The designs can range from the classic to the extravagant, and the techniques can either be centuries old or decidedly current. The wide range of expression preferences, design options, materials, and processes has lead within our field to unfavorable misconceptions, misunderstandings and in some cases even outright disdain between artists. Each side considers itself superior to the other, seemingly not appreciating the clear advantages, benefits, and experiences each faction brings to the table. Quoting from Damian Skinner’s 2013 SNAG keynote lecture in Toronto:

We are all family. Sometimes, family members don’t speak with each other, but we still are one big family. Let’s recognize this fact.

Can our field overcome family division and send a much-needed signal to the metals + jewelry community? We appreciate and respect our historical past and acknowledge that current materials have a rightful place in jewelry/object making. Arriving at this message is the goal of this exhibition.”

– Brigitte Martin and Rachel Timmins