Brooklyn Metal Works is pleased to be participating in the upcoming Craft in Focus Festival, held at Industry City June 3-4. Along with other amazing presenters, we will be demonstrating the skills and techniques of metalsmithing, as well as offering on site workshops. To find out more about the activities, and to register for one of our workshops, follow the links below. Please join us for this exciting weekend dedicated to craft!


June 3–4, 2017 at Industry City, Brooklyn



In a world where children are swiping their iPhones and 3D printers are building houses, and a time of serial mass production and consumption, the beauty of handmade quality products and hands-on experience of learning technique directly from an artist should be revalued. In 2013, the Craft in Focus Festival was founded on these principles, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has been an annual success for the last three years. On June 3 and 4 Craft in Focus will be presented in New York City for the first time giving those who live, work, learn, and play in the city the opportunity to learn from master craftsmen from around the world.


General Admission tickets for the two days is $15 for adults / $10 for students / Children under 18 are free.

Craft in Focus Festival is open on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 from 11:00am–6:00pm. There is a party in the courtyard on Saturday, June 3 from 6:00–10:00pm with live music and refreshments.

Master Classes, Workshops, Talks, and Film Screenings are priced separately, tickets may be purchased online, in advance, or in person at the event.

Brooklyn Metal Works will be teaching you how to make Spoons, Silver Rings, and Silver Earrings. See you there!