We don’t stop just ’cause it’s hot.

Check out our new Summer Shorts + a few workshops.

We think you’ll like what we got!


4 Session Summer Shorts


++ Evenings

Mold.Cast.Repeat      July 10 – 31

Delve into mold making and work with sculpture wax process for jewelry and metal objects. Taught by Brice Garrett

Controlled Curves | Bracelets      June 28 – July 19

Grab a hammer and give your sheet metal more shape using these basic forming techniques. Taught by Erin S. Daily

Stone Settings in Wax      August 1 – 10

Give your gemstones a jewelry home – create in wax and set in metal. Taught by Ruta Reifen


++ Daytime

Hoop Earrings 2 Ways      July 6 – 27

Two ways of forming sheet metal and two different closures for two pairs of hoop earrings. Taught by Erin S. Daily

Drawing Golden Wires     July 11 – August 1

Mill your metal and control your designs with simple and effective goldsmithing techniques. Taught by Erin S. Daily


Week Long Intensives

Summer Soldering Intensive  June 12 – 16

Go back to basics and improve your approach to soldering applications for jewelry. Taught by Brian Weissman


Two Day Workshops

Tea For Two | Holloware Cups      June 24 – 25

Raise a cup! And learn how to form hollow objects from sheet metal into vessels. Taught by Brian Weissman & Erin S. Daily

Greysmithing | Steel for Jewlery     August 26 – 27

Combine blacksmithing and silversmithing techniques to create durable jewelry designs. Taught by Brice Garrett