Summer Shorts are back! 

This is a favorite time of year, when we get to try on some new styles and see what Summer 2018 looks like. We have great courses on offer, topics that aren’t on our regular spring and fall schedules. So have some fun, try something new, and enjoy making!

We are looking forward to seeing you around the studio this summer.


4 Session Classes

Wax Working | Wire Form Rings – Begins June 4 with Brice Garrett

Controlled Curves Bracelets – Begins June 5 with Brian Weissman & Erin S. Daily

Creative Link Systems- Begins June 21 with MJ Tyson

Experimental Wax | Workable Molds – Begins July 9 with Brice Garrett

Carved & Cast Cutlery – Begins July 10 with Erin S. Daily

Aim | Directed Study – Begins July 12 with Erin S. Daily

Cone to Cup – Begins July 11 with Brian Weissman



IMPLICIT CONTENT – June 16 & 17 with Marina Elenskaya

Jewelry Stories – July 14 & 15 with MJ Tyson