Images from CO workshop at SDSU 2018 Work by Leslie Shershow Photographer Rock Armando

Artist talk and 2-day workshop with Marina Elenskaya, founder and creative director of Current Obsession. 

In the past five years Current Obsession – Dutch jewellery magazine and platform – challenged and changed the way contemporary artistic jewellery is photographed, presented and experienced. By making connections with the neighbouring creative fields, like fashion, art, design, photography and fiction, CO places contemporary jewellery in the larger context of today’s visual culture. Appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style, CO earned a reputation of inspirators and influencers in the field of jewellery.

As Current Obsession’s founder and creative director, Marina Elenskaya will offer a lecture and a two-day workshop at Brooklyn Metal Works on 16-17 June. Both the lecture and the workshop are rooted in a creative rebellion against the age-old ways in which contemporary jewellery is seen, presented, perceived, and photographed.

Marina’s workshop in particular, strives to demonstrate the power of storytelling that ‘activates’ the work once its placed in the right context. As a result, each designer will gain a better practical and conceptual understanding of how editorial images are created and receive a stunning photographic series featuring their work – ready to sparkle up any portfolio, website or a social media campaign.

Photographer Ian Loring Shiver will be assisting this workshop and bringing these images to fruition.


Artist Talk June 16 @ 2pm

Workshop registration is closed

Images from CO workshop at SDSU 2018 Work by Rex Arthur Photographer Rock Armando