This IS how you make things. Learning how to create with your hands is so vital for many of us. We can teach you!

What we also teach is WHY you take certain steps to gain specific results. We feel it is important to give students a deeper understanding of the techniques and processes they use to further independent growth in metalsmithing and jewelry making. We also encourage critical thinking skills in the classroom with projects designed to stretch design concepts. With the help of our outstanding teachers who are professional artists and designers in the jewelry and metals field, in the best equipped public access metals studio in Brooklyn, our students receive the quality education BKMW is known to provide.

See you around the studio soon!


Welcome to Jewelry with Brice Garrett begins August 20

Wax Working Projects | Stone Setting Series with MJ Tyson begins August 23



Welcome to Jewelry with Brice Garrett begins August 13

Goldsmithing II with Erin S. Daily begins August 14

Jewelry 2 with Manuela Jimenez begins August 22

Welcome to Wax Working with MJ Tyson begins August 23