Thank you all for another fantastic year! We have expanded in exciting ways and are so thankful for all of the team effort to bring us here today.

This past year we expanded our team as well as our physical space. This expansion has helped us in countless ways and is making our future goals possible. 

Thank you to our fabulous team of Studio Monitors Alex Rosenborg, Channelle Jackson, Beryl Perron-Feller.

A huge thank you to our new Education Coordinator MJ Tyson. 

Our artist lecture series hosted 9 talks by artists from across the globe.

Timothy Veske-McMahon 
Terhi Tolvanen  
Kerianne Quick 
Tina Rath
Marina Elenskaya
MJ Tyson
Kyle Patnaude
Helen Britton
Nils Hint

In the Gallery we hosted 6 exhibitions and 1 trunk show bringing artists together from around the world.

MAKERS 2018 + BKMW Trunk Show 
Anonymous Brooklyn 
Transmutations | Kerianne Quick 
The Last Objects | MJ Tyson
Till The Night | Kyle Patnaude 
Nowhere | Nils Hint

Over 30 classes and workshops filled our studio with students working with and learning from their incredible teachers. 

Classes and Workshops   


Over 150 Members and 23 Resident Artists rely on BKMW to create their art and build their businesses.