This spring we’re offering four new courses, a collaboration with Urban Glass, and many classic favorites. Enrolled students enjoy free access to the BKMW studio on Saturdays. Sign up now!

Welcome to BKMW: Jewelry with Chubai Liu
begins Sunday, March 10

Daytime Welcome to BKMW: Jewelry with Brice Garrett
begins Monday, March 25

Jewelry Focus: Attachments with Brice Garrett
begins Monday, March 25

History of Jewelry Design: Late 19th Century to Present Day with Kendra Pariseault
begins Tuesday, March 5

Drawing Golden Wires with Erin S. Daily
begins Tuesday, March 26

Daytime Open Level Wax Working with MJ Tyson
begins Wednesday, March 27

Boxes Big and Small with Brian Weissman
begins Wednesday, March 27

Master Models for Production with Manuela Jimenez and MJ Tyson
begins Thursday, April 4

Pendants, Pairs, and Doublets: A Collaboration with Urban Glass with Bianca Abreu and Erin S. Daily
begins Friday, March 22