Gallery Loupe and Brooklyn Metal Works Present an artist talk with Georg Dobler and Margit Jaschke in conversation with Sasha Nixon Sunday April 7 at 3pm In the Gallery at BKMW

Please join us for an afternoon talk with visiting artists Georg Dobler and Margit Jäschke Sunday April 7 at 3 pm In the Gallery at Brooklyn Metal Works. Dobler will be in conversation with Sasha Nixon in support of the exhibition Eye of the Beholder opening at Gallery Loupe April 6.

Each artist utilizes structure, surface, texture, and color to create jewels of perfect proportion and gestural grace. They both derive inspiration from undulating natural forms, as well as linear geometric shapes. Dobler sometimes combines twigs, buds, leaves, or beetles cast from actual flora and fauna, while at other times, he utilizes strict rectangular or spherical elements. Jäschke, on the other hand, juxtaposes metal and minerals with inorganic substances like cardboard, epoxy, lead, and plastic, creating jewels that may be voluptuous or spare. Jäschke also makes larger works that display the same aesthetic integrity as her jewelry. Although both Dobler and Jäschke assemble their chosen materials, where Dobler’s compositions rely additionally upon negative space and/or saturated hues, Jäschke often opts for visual disparity within dense pictorial imagery. “

-Gallery Loupe