An exhibition of jewelry that explores the souvenir and sentimentality, on view at Brooklyn Metal Works, September 16 – November 12, 2021

Opening Reception: September 17, 6-8pm

Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday, or by appointment:

Closing Reception and Artist Talk: November 12, 6-8pm

Workshop (2016–Ongoing) Participatory Community Event: September 18 & October 9, 4-6pm

Throughout history, people’s collecting of objects has served the same sentiment – an inherent and existential need to freeze time and authenticate experience.

However, the significance of the memento is rarely fixed as its meaning changes with the shifting recollection of its possessor. The souvenir’s value lies in sentimentality, not material worth, serving the impulse to recall, capture, and re-live.

In support of Hearts + Flowers, exhibiting artist Brice Garrett will be hosting ‘Workshop (2016–Ongoing)’ a participatory jewelry project made collectively with the public. Through the act of mold making, stamping, and plaster participants are invited to recreate pendants influenced by their own jewelry memories. Over the course of the exhibition, the installation of pendants grows with each participant’s contribution. Please join us.

Hearts + Flowers was recently reviewed by Steven KP for Art Jewelry Forum. Read the review here.

Hearts + Flowers Participating Artists:
Alejandra Carrillo-Estrada, Alison Layton, Amelia Toelke, Andy Lowrie, Beiya Yang, Brice Garrett, Caitlin Albritton, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Corrina Goutos, Danni Xu, Eighteen Yuan, Elliot Keeley, Emily Culver, Francine Grenci, Funlola Coker, Hannah Oatman, Iris Lo, Jennifer Moore, Jess Dare, Jolynn Marie Santiago, Kelly Ann Temple, Laila Marie Costa, Mallory Weston, Margo Csipo, Masumi Kataoka, Misaki Sano, MJ Tyson, Nana YaaSerwaah Akuou, Nancy Rodríguez Rojas, Nikki Couppee, Rachel M Ness, Rita Bamidele Hampton, Sharon Massey, Shaunia Grant, Tova Lund, Valerie James, Vershali Jain, and Violet Weiner.

This exhibition was brought to BKMW via our call for Guest Curators by Leslie Shershow and Jessica Andersen.

Leslie and Jessica are both artists and transplants living and working in San Diego, California. They met through the jewelry community, as they found themselves in the same social circles but at different times.

Leslie Shershow grew up in the state of Maine and has lived all over the country; participating in residencies, exhibitions, and working as an educator of art and jewelry. She received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has since been an active participant in many facets of the jewelry field – contributing to, and working in fine jewelry, production jewelry and contemporary jewelry. Within the past few years, she earned her MFA from San Diego State University, and acted as Visiting Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University. Her work was recently selected for the cancelled Schmuck 2021 Exhibition.

Jessica Andersen was born in the small farming community of Audubon, Iowa. She received a B.F.A. in Jewelry & Metal Arts in 2009 from the University of Iowa. In 2011, Jessica began graduate school at San Diego State University where she received her M.F.A. in Jewelry and Metalwork. Jessica has completed residencies at Craft Alliance in St. Louis, MO and at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft where she had time to experiment and develop her work as a studio artist.

Hearts + Flowers

Opening Reception: 
September 17, 6-8pm 
Closing Reception & Artist Talk: 
November 12, 6-8pm

Brooklyn Metal Works 
640 Dean St.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Gallery Hours: 
11am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday, 
or by appointment:

This event requires proof of vaccination be shown, and masks are required at all indoor events, in accordance with NY State and City, as well as CDC guidelines for COVID Safety.

Vaccinations and ID will be checked at the door for this event, and masks are required.