Suzanne Sullivan

While I’m away, please mind my fountain.

Opening Reception September 16, 7-9 pm

Installation on view through October 30

I am a ceramicist based in Philadelphia.

I am preoccupied by what is popularly referred to as the literal – what an object literally is or does or is intended to do. I tend to shy away from metaphors. The pieces in this body of work all have to do with water. They are made to work with water. And in this exhibit, water represents preciousness but then again it doesn’t. Water’s preciousness is not abstract; water is precious, literally. With this in mind – and with water at the center of this project – I wanted to keep things practical. In so doing, I made buckets, goblets, pitchers, spoons, scoops – vessels of all kinds, using clay and glazes and gold. I made a fountain, and I set it in a room that encourages, I hope, the visitor to contemplate perceptions:  

·      What is precious? 

·      What is literal? 

·      What is function? 

·      What is abstract? 

Meanwhile, I would ask the viewer, if they would, to please mind my fountain while I am away. 

-Suzanne Sullivan

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