The Ethical Gemstone Suppliers group will host its first Ethical Gem Fair in New York (Brooklyn) in October. Find out more about the suppliers by visiting: 


Ethical Gem Fair – NYC (Brooklyn)

When: 20th, 21st, and 22nd October 2022

Where: Brooklyn Metal Works

640 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Time: 10 am to 5 pm Daily

This event is open to the trade only. Students are able to register to take part in the morning’s educational presentation. Read on!


Educational Presentations

Presentations from selected gem suppliers will be conducted for one hour from 10:30 am on each morning of the event. The presentations will give an overview of each business’s sourcing and cutting processes and discuss topics such as mining practices, environmental, health and safety considerations, and gem cutting operations. Videos and images showing some mining and cutting operations will be shown.

The sessions will be interactive and questions encouraged from attending participants.

We look forward to seeing our existing and new clients at these sessions.

Registration for attending the US Ethical Gem Fair is via Eventbrite. This Fair is open to the trade only. Educational Presentations are open to students and trade. Everyone must pre-register. Follow this link: