Brooklyn Metal Works

Saturday April 6th


Taught by Mia Hebib


  • 20 ga sheet (copper, brass, silver, or a combination) – 2 pieces minimum.  The width is up to you, but the length should be at least 6″ long in one direction
  • saw blades
  • basic solder kit – solder (hard, medium, and easy), tweezers, solder pick
  • sand paper – one sheet of each (220,320,400,600)
  • set of small drill bits (package of 6)
  • set of needle files
  • split mandrel for flex shaft – at least one (non-tapered)
  • rubber wheels for the flex shaft – see an example here  (these are not necessary, but helpful if you want them/have them)
  • drawing pad and pencil for notes and sketches


The studio will provide hammers, mandrels, anvils, shaping tools and basic hand tools along with polishing machine access.