Erin has been working in metal ever since she nabbed a pair of her dad’s needle-nosed pliers to reconfigure her costume jewelry into something a little more to her liking.  That was more than twenty years ago, and she hasn’t stopped making since, though her tools, materials, and techniques have been upgraded.

Erin’s interest in metal led her to attend the University of Kansas for her BFA in Metal.  After several years of working in her own studio and also training and working as a bench jeweler, she returned to school to investigate the concepts and ideas of contemporary craft and metalsmithing. Her graduate studies at SUNY New Paltz helped her hone her understanding of critical theory, explore new concepts and techniques, and strengthen her commitment to building a stronger community and audience for contemporary metal.  Since receiving her MFA in Metal, Erin has continued to make art and to show her work nationally and internationally.  

As a benefit of living in New York City, Erin has had the opportunity to learn the jewelry industry from the inside out, and she has built relationships with various vendors and suppliers.  For several years she worked for the Robert Bentley Company, where she developed her great love of colored gemstones, became well acquainted with the Diamond District, and worked at many large trade shows across the country.

In addition to making art, Erin has taught metalsmithing classes at institutions such as SUNY New Paltz, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Snow Farm at the New England Craft Center, and 92nd St. Y.  Erin enjoys helping her students discover what they are inspired by and teaching them to make the art that they are passionate about.

Erin continues her own education by attending lectures and by participating in short courses including the construction workshop at Arcosanti, AZ, and the Now Tree workshop with Ruudt Peters in the Netherlands. She is also a member the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) and regularly attends their national conferences.
Erin S. Daily