In this one day workshop you will learn how to utilize the basic working properties of sheet metal to quickly and beautifully form a vessel.  Fold forming is a technique that allows the intentional bends and work hardened areas of the metal to create both the structure and  the aesthetic of the piece. By using basic hammering techniques, vices and stakes for knocking in quick bends, and general torch annealing the process is fast and informative.  Fold forming is a great introduction to understanding how metal moves on a larger scale.  If you would like to work at a bigger scale than jewelry, or if you would like to explore metal working for the first time, this is a great place to start.  All levels welcome.

1 Day Workshop
Supply list
Sunday December 2nd
Taught by Brian Weissman
$200 – non-members
$180 – members
$170 – monthly renters


To purchase this class please use a Pay Pal account to send payment to .  Please note the name of the course with your payment.   If you have any questions about payment please contact us at 347.762.4757.