Sergey engravingThis course will begin by putting pencil to paper and drawing out designs in freehand.  Rendering techniques will help you explore the gestural quality of the line before you learn how to control it in metal with traditional engraving methods.  Working on paper will help ready your hands for working into metal.  Tool and plate prep will be covered.

By using a flex shaft as a power engraver, you will have the strength to execute your designs in metal more quickly than ever before.  Traditional gravers and hand techniques will be employed, but with quicker results.  You will be introduced to basic cuts – straight lines, curved lines, letter script, bright cuts, and shading.

This historical embellishment technique has many useful applications beyond decoration and image making, and can aid in carving and stone setting skills among others.

This course is perfect for anyone who likes to work with the drawn line.  Previous metalsmithing skills are not required.  This course is limited to 6 students.

In lieu of a supply list, this course has an additional materials fee of $25 that can be paid at the time of the workshop. Students should bring their own opti-visor or other magnifying glasses to class.

One day workshop
Taught by Sergey Jivetin
Saturday June 15th

 Registration is closed