Blank_2011-12_pendant_Memento Juniori (Bugs)The course focuses on 3D modelling the old-school way. Without the hype of 3D prints and rapid prototyping you will learn basic skills in hand carving and modeling in wax or rigid foam.

During the workshop days you will explore the techniques and the materials on your own with Blank’s assistance. After the basic shapes are accomplished you will consider  further possibilities to explore and utilize the material  in different ways.

This modeling foam is a very dense material often used for industrial milling applications.  It also carves easily by hand and with  its low weight and smooth surface the material is ideal for jewelry.

For the workshop basic cutting tools are necessary, such as knives, different files,  sandpaper, saw blades, carving tools and drill bits.  Please review the supply list.  A materials fee of $60 will be payable at the start of the workshop.

Blank will also be giving a lecture about his work on Friday evening April 26th at 7pm in the gallery at BKMW.  The fee for the lecture is included in your workshop costs and all students are highly encouraged to attend!

Artist Talk
Friday April 26th
Two Day WorkshopBlank_2009_brooch_Evil Ed
Taught by Alexander Blank
Supply list
Sat & Sun April 27 – 28th
 Registration for the workshop is closed.