Circle Chain 300
by Loring Taoka

Ever wonder how cars and motorcycles are able to get those bright, vibrant, and durable colors? This one-day workshop will explore the application of powder coating for jewelry and small metals. We will experiment with samples, discuss setting up your own powder coating system, and learn about the tools and materials needed.

Students should bring in small metal items and/or their own personal work to learn this technique. The more items you bring in the more pieces you will be able to experiment with.  You will also have access to the studio’s tools and equipment for prepping more metal pieces throughout the day.  Items to be powder coated can be made of any metal, and should not exceed more than 3 inches on any side.  Powder coating colors are provided.

This class is open to all levels.


Taught by Loring Taoka

Saturday November 10th


$200- non-members
$180- members
$170 – monthly renters

To purchase this class please contact us at 347.762.4757 or you can use a Pay Pal account to send payment to  Please note the name of the course with your payment.