Classes & Workshops
  • July 9 - 30
    Taught by Brice Garrett
    Capture textures and expressive marks in one-time use molds for wax casting. Students will explore carving, drawing, and stamping into clay to create molds.  Designs will be customized through the […]
  • July 10 - 31
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    Learn how to sculpt new flatware pieces in wax for metal casting in this four session course. Work in carving wax and soft wax to achieve textures and forms that […]
  • July 11 - August 1
    Taught by Brian Weissman
    In this four session course learn how to create cups from sheet metal and wire. Pattern making, high-temperature soldering, seaming, forming, and forging techniques will be taught, and can be […]
  • July 12 - August 2
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    This jewelry specific course is for those looking for a more engaged conversation about their work in an interactive independent session with an instructor. Bring special problems to class and find […]
  • August 13 - October 8
    Taught by Brice Garrett
    Learn basic metalsmithing skills and jewelry making techniques in this introductory 8 week class. Get to know the studio and become familiar with the tools and equipment in this hands-on course. […]
  • Hollow forms on the bench
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    Taught by Brian Weissman
    Learn how to work with non-ferrous sheet metal to make hollow formed objects in this introductory class. Students will cover basic metalsmithing skills and techniques as related to silversmithing. Processes […]
  • August 23 - October 11
    Taught by MJ Tyson
    In this 8 session introductory wax working class, you will learn to complete designs utilizing different wax carving and forming techniques. You will start by designing and carving a ring […]
  • March 28 - May 16
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    Give shape to your designs by finessing wire in this 8 session goldsmithing course. From heavy gauge to very fine, learn how to draw down and forge wire into the […]
  • Pendant in process
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    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    This jewelry specific course is structured to help students enhance design sensibilities, strengthen concepts, expand technical abilities, and discover their aesthetic voices. Through guided independent study, students will explore relationships […]
  • June 21 - July 19
    Taught by MJ Tyson
    In this four-session workshop we’ll explore exciting approaches to chain making. We’ll begin with a day of model making to generate ideas beyond the basic round link. In the second […]
  • Goldsmithing
    January 24 - March 14
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    Refine your jewelry making skills in this 8 session goldsmithing course. You will learn about the various alloys and their solders, what to watch out for when heating and cooling, […]
  • May 22 - June 26
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    A Collaboration with UrbanGlass Part 1 of this collaboration with BKMW will start in the Coldshop at UrbanGlass, exploring different ways to manipulate pre-cut pieces of glass, or “blanks”, into carved and faceted segments. […]
    Taught by Manuela Jimenez
    This 8 session studio course builds upon basic metalworking skills and will introduce you to a variety of more advanced jewelry techniques. This class will cover scoring, bending and soldering […]
  • June 6 - June 27
    Taught by Brian Weissman
    In this four session class you will learn how to create bracelets using anticlastic forming. This process allows you to bend sheet metal in two opposite directions simultaneously (along the […]
  • June 4 - 25
    Taught by Brice Garrett
    In this 4-session course you will learn how to create sculptural rings using soft wire wax. This approach lends itself to building voluminous wire forms and graphic patterns while remaining lightweight […]
  • Registration is closed
    Taught by Manuela Jimenez
    Casting has long been a jewelry production technique to work in multiple and lower the costs of fabrication. This process is also a good way to introduce fine alloys into […]
  • August 14 - October 9
    Taught by Erin S. Daily
    This course is a continuation of our goldsmithing series. In this class students will investigate refined approaches to jewelry fabrication, paying special attention to precise fitting, soldering, and stone setting. […]
Professional Development
  • Dead Lanuages Teapot
    Registration is currently closed
    Taught by Brian Weissman
    Playing with ideas is as important and informative as getting to know your materials.  One informs the other.  In these courses we will explore the relationships between inspiration, design, and […]
Workshops & Intensives
  • July 14 & 15
    Taught by MJ Tyson
    What role does jewelry play in your life? Come explore the many powers of jewelry in this two-day design workshop. We’ll begin by sharing examples of significant and storied jewelry, […]